Hub Motor - Custom fatbike axle MXUS 3000 watt rear


This hub has a custom axle to suit a 170mm rear dropout width - to suit most fatbike rear geometry. The internals are the same as the Mxus 45mm motor. Rated stock at 3kW, with plenty of room to grow. These would have to be some of the craziest fatbike drives in existence.

Extremely thin laminations make this motor highly efficient, and an aluminium core means it can take a lot of heat without venting.

These are wound to give approx 0.92 kph for every volt you feed it on a 26 inch wheel. This has the benefit of being able to feed it a lower voltage (less expensive pack) and mate it with a lower voltage controller , again being cheaper.

We also stock some good value controllers to suit this hub, and some fatbike rims also. Contact us for details.