72v-89.9V 200a Mobipus FOC sine wave controller (plus wifi dongle)


72v 200a high end racing controller from the legends at Mobipus.
This controller is for experienced hotrodders only, at a bargain price. Note the price is in AUD not USD.

This isn't your typical off the shelf Kelly or Sabvoton.

The Mobipus 72200 Permanent Magnet Synchronize Motor controllers deliver robust power unlike any previous vehicle control system. They provide unprecedented flexibility and power through inclusion of a field-programmable logic controller embedded in a state-of-the-art motor controller.
The embedded logic controller runs a fully functional adoptive-oriented DC Permanent Magnet Synchronize Motor control operating system (OS) that can be user-tailored via parameter modification.

The OS also contains logic to communicate with OEM developed software via industrial RS485 bus, that can be used to enhance the controller capabilities beyond the basics.
Wide range of adjustable parameters are available for customer’s application demand, in order to redefine controller’s behavior to meet varies working environment. Parameters may be adjusted by using PC with Mobipus Motor Controller Control Console, and real time system information monitoring and logging is displayed in the software console.

There is also an optional wifi programming module (75AUD) as well as a mechanical throttle interface for cable actuated motorbike throttles. Also offered is a range of water cooled and ambient heatsink backing units ($80AUD and $50AUD respectively). See the relevant product listing for these.

For the extreme application, check out the big brother, the 72v 600a (battery) controller in our controller section.

For an additional $100 AUD (contact us prior) we can arrange a one to two hour tuning session with myself to set the various parameters for this controller. 

For an overview of what these controllers can do check out our youtube summary video.