We are a small boutique ebike builder and developer in Ballarat Victoria, with three years’ experience and more than two dozen bikes on the road.

We have access to various drive types and batteries, and we can help you achieve a result that meets your quality/cost needs. Base costs start at around $750 (depending on the exchange rate) with battery options and wheel types increasing the cost a small amount. But with rising costs such as car fuel, car servicing and even gym costs, an ebike becomes very easy to justify. And well built, they become a thing of personal pride and freedom. Despite the low cost to run an ebike, we can even help you solar charge!

Just as there are different cars, utes and buses, there are lots of different ebike options. Why not check out our gallery to see what we’re on about?

Or get in touch about us revving up an existing or new bike. Advice is free, and whilst we have regular days jobs, we endeavour to get in touch fast.

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